Shouldered Couplings

Our couplings are galvanized to AS 4680 with nitrile rubber rings. A generally robust nature and intelligent design has created a product that will continue to give excellent service for many years – even in the harshest environments. The PowerCoupling range includes all shouldered sizes from 50mm to 600mm ID. This includes standard two bolt, toggle, hinged couplings (Min-X150), heavy duty and 4 bolt couplings, all are on the shelf at all times.

Safety is a priority in the mining industry and Powercast takes an industry leading approach. To guarantee our customer’s peace of mind, all of our couplings are checked and assembled at our Minto facility. Every batch is rigorously tested in our test rig ensuring that our couplings are capable of withstanding pressures at least triple and beyond the maximum pressures they are ever likely to encounter in everyday use.

Our shouldered coupling range provides a flexible, reliable and terrain friendly alternative to other existing technologies. We have the largest range of Shouldered Couplings available in Australia.

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Hinged Coupling

Min – X150 Hinged Coupling:

Glencore Mining Group requested a simple shouldered coupling in a similar vein as the toggle couplings currently available with some improvements for safety, usability and cost. Toggle couplings are able to be opened under pressure and if that happens it’s usually lights out for the guy with hands on the toggle, (yes this has happened more than once). The Min – X is also able to be opened but it is much more difficult and should give anyone lots of indicators that they should stop what they are doing. It is also cheaper than a toggle with much less machining however still has the advantage of one side being hinged to allow the whole coupling to be slung over the pipe and tensioned with one bolt on the installer’s side. These couplings have been tested under the watchful eye of Bureau Veritas and metallurgical reports were also commissioned. The report is available for download here

Currently the Min – X 150 for 150/165.1mm shouldered systems is available at a max operating pressure of 4000kPA.

Gate Valves

Manufactured in the highest quality materials with EPDM sealing materials, Stainless Steel stem, EPDM coated ductile iron gate and brass fittings, PowerCast gate valves for shouldered piping systems are rated to 3500kPa and every valve is hydro tested at its rated pressure by the factory. These valves are supplied for 100/114.3mm and 150/165.1mm pipe. Please contact our distributors for pricing and availability.

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