About Us

At PowerCast we are genuinely passionate about what we do. After managing Fidax Foundry for 12 years my contacts in the manufacturing industry both internationally and domestically were able to provide our customers with improved costs and we provide personalised service. This means if you have a problem with one of our products we will assist in every way possible, if we cannot solve the issues you can return the goods and a full refund will be given, no questions asked. Our business practices of commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer service coupled with ongoing technical support ensures we can meet the deadlines and expectations of our customers, and be partners in their success.

Powercast is a leading supplier of cast iron, ductile iron and steel, now including high manganese steels with EDH (Explosive Depth Hardening). If you wish to know more about EDH check out the links page and the Rail Supplies page.

Our customers include key players in mining, rail and infrastructure, government departments and councils. With over 25 years experience manufacturing in Australia and low cost, high quality manufacturing partners around the world, we can supply the product you need at a competitive price.