Mining Equipment

Powercast and our partners are major suppliers to the mining industry. Our offer includes shouldered couplings, flanges, specialized piping systems for the transport of highly abrasive products and anti-corrosion systems. Powercast products designed to meet the challenges of mining in the sometimes desolate and harsh Australian landscape.

A tried and tested product, Powercast’s shouldered coupling range has been a critical component in Australia’s mines for over 40 years. Gas, water and oil pipelines throughout the country, both above and below ground, are connected by our products.

Anti-corrosion systems save time and money. In highly corrosive onshore and marine environments preservation of piping is vital. Powercast supplies wraps, tape, sleeves and cathodic protection systems. We can provide you with a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Reliable transport of materials in the most extreme conditions requires the highest quality most robust and innovative products available. Powercast is proud to announce it is Australia’s sole distributor of Teknikum piping systems. The GRANIT 4910 is a patented, ceramic lined, flexible and highly abrasion resistant piping system. One of Europe’s premier products is now available in Australia, exclusively to Powercast.